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Nancy and John Schlosser
About Nancy
Graduated in 1968 from Wheaton College (Mass.) with a B.A. degree. She spent two years of graduate study in dance at the Boston Conservatory. From 1973 through 1982, she taught dance and yoga at St. Paul's School, Proctor Academy, the University of New Hampshire, and Colby-Sawyer College. She was a co-director and ski instructor at Norsk Cross Country Ski Center in New London. In 1973 John and Nancy moved to New Hampshire and practiced Kundalini Yoga and had sessions with Yogi Bajhran--pioneer of of this unique yoga practice. They have taught yoga in the New London area since 1976. 

About John
Received a B.S. degree from Springfield College and an M.S. from the University of Illinois. He has taught in private schools in Beirut, Lebanon, St. Croix, Virgin Islands, and Boston. He also has taught Hatha Yoga New Hampshire since 1973. He has taught yoga and meditation as a volunteer at Concord State Prison in New Hampshire. Presently, John and his wife, Nancy, operate Kayak Country Paddle Sports in Andover, New Hampshire, and Pine Hill Ski Club, a 20 km. Nordic trail network in New London. As well as Prime mover in Fab Fondtones Doo Wop group

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Pine Hill Yoga Kayak Country Pine Hill Ski Club Fondtones
Pine Hill Yoga Kayak Country Pine Hill Ski Club Fondtones